Rimmel London Super Gel Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for some new nail varnish colours for Spring, when I found the new 2 step Super Gel polishes from Rimmel London. I was really impressed with the range of colours, and loved the idea of being able to give myself gel nails at home without having to spend a fortune and use UV lights.

I bought three colours: Bare Hug (pictured), New Romantic and Cocktail Passion, along with the step 2 top coat.

I’ve been testing out the polishes for the past two weeks now, and have tried all three of the shades I bought. They apply quite nicely with no streakiness, and two coats is enough to get a lovely strong colour. They also dry relatively quickly, which is rare for a gel-style nail varnish. I also really love how thick the brush is, meaning it’s a really speedy application.

However, they chip incredibly quickly! Now I’m a full time Bartender, so my hands spend a lot of time in and out of sinks, and I’m constantly cleaning and exposing my hands to various chemicals, so at first I thought this was the reason for the poor staying power. However, I recently had four days off, where I spent the majority of my time writing and doing various bits of admin (and as far away from chemicals as possible), and they still only lasted a maximum of 4 hours chip-free! Not only that, but after removing the colour with my regular, nourishing nail varnish remover, they left my nails feeling extremely dry. I can honestly that these polishes are the worst for chipping I’ve ever used (and I’ve tested a lot over the years), and at £5.99 each, they’re not exactly cheap! I’m so disappointed, and I definitely expected more from Rimmel, a brand that’s known for having really fantastic nail varnishes.

Rimmel says that the colour “last for up to 14 days” – how they can claim this I have no idea!

In my opinion, these polishes are great if you’re looking for a pop of gorgeous, shiny  colour on a night out, and I’ll definitely be using them again for that reason, but don’t expect them to last any longer than the night! So if you’ve been looking for an easier and cheaper alternative to a gel manicure that has the same staying power, I’d advise looking elsewhere!

Jessica xXx


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